Herpes and application of Apipol propolis cream and Apipol propolis herbal drops


Herpes on the lips (herpes labialis) and nose (Herpes facialis) causes a virus called herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV 1). The number of infected persons and carriers of the virus is constantly increasing and 80-90% of the adult population carries the herpes agent, and they are eather not aware of it or herpes has never appeared on their lips; herpes virus often emerges only at 20-40% of carriers of the virus.

The first infection occurs in infancy, and when a virus enters through broken skin or mucous membranes it travels through sensory nerves to neural ganglia where it settles permanently in the body and it can be activated occasionally. Herpes virus is contagious and is transmitted by air, contact, may be transferred from one person to another



  • loss of immunity
  • Flu, cold
  • cold
  • period
  • skin injury
  • increased body temperature
  • stress and psychophysical tension
  • fatigue


Most frequently it appears on the skin around the mouth, lips, nose, but can also occur in other places on the face. At the place of herpes outbreak burning, redness, itching, tightness, pain and the appearance of small nodules that are filled with fluid occurs (that fluid contains viruses, and it is than the greatest opportunity for the transmission of infection). After 2-3 days blisters burst to form scabs and lesions. After that scab falls off and swelling diminishes.



For the treatment of herpes in the mouth antiviral therapy is used. Propolis has been scientifically proven with antiviral activity that is the highest antiviral activity of propolis on herpes simplex virus type 1 have flavonoids - Galangin, Pinocembrion, Chrysin and esters of Caffeic acid and derivatives of benzoic acid.

People who have used propolis say that lesions are overgrown much sooner and numerous studies prove that Propolis really works.

Apipol ointment contains propolis and use of that ointment the healing and overgrowth of open lesions, and infected and damaged skin can be much faster.



In order to prevent a further outbreak of herpes it is necessary to strengthen the immune system using APIPOL propolis drops to strengthen body resistance.

Propolis, after purification, was confirmed selective antimicrobial activity and quantitative requirements for flavonoids. It has an important role and a healthy lifestyle, balanced diet and exercise.


Martina Bedenicki